Friday, July 23, 2010

My Blood Runneth Orange...not really but for effect and everything

Most that know me well know that in our house football season is somewhat of a tumultuous time. I am already bracing myself for fall. Hubs, a graduate of USC (a great school) is a little less open minded than what my Clemson (even better school) education taught me to be. But he is proud of that. Another issue completely on its own. Regardless, I have strong ties to the Upstate, having grown up there an all that. I lived less than 10 minutes from my parents door to my college dorm/apartment, etc. My parents hoped this would allow for them to see me more, but ironically they only got a good glimpse of me on an occasional weekend just like anyone else. Hello?! I was busy studying and growing all those good moral and social bonds, right?!

Now that I am all grown up, family of my own and all, somehow that occasional weekend is something they have grown accustomed to and still require. So with hubs, kids and dog in tow we are headed up for a whirlwind tour this weekend. And a weekend it will surely be.

Saturday morning we are going to celebrate the cutest 1 year old's birthday and see his new digs. Unfortunately we are not going to be able to attend his golf themed birthday party next cute as I am sure it is going to be!
And with such a jammed packed weekend, unfortunately, I am going to have to miss the Dabo's Ladies Football Clinic for yet another year. If anyone can drag me with them next year please let me know! I really do want to go and it just never works out.

Saturday night hubs and I are off to celebrate a good tigers fortune that is getting married in Spartanburg. Congratulations Beth!.....and maybe if we are lucky we will also get to see Aunt Katie and Mark's new abode too before we head back.

Sunday we are in for even more fun as we celebrate the upcoming arrival of their cousin Caleb at Auntie Katie's Clemson themed baby shower. Isn't she cute!

And as if that was not enough to round off a good weekend, all of Will and Spence's new best buds (My sorority sister's kids from Clemson) will all finally get to meet. I am sure Miles, Maria, Anna Kate and the boys will all be instant friends!

I guess the moral of this weekend is that my husband loves me a lot (or will be heavily medicated) to see all these orange ties (even if he says he doesn't waiver).
Here's to hoping you have a great weekend and a fantastic Friday.
Go Tigers!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Starting to Feel My Age

I still dont believe that 30...... is old. However there is starting to be some mounting evidence that I am feeling a little older than I used to. I have included a few bullets to help back up my case:
  • I couldn't figure out something very simple on the computer today and got really frustrated

  • I read my weekly people magazine last night and didn't know who one of "those vampire people" were

  • I am scheduled for a cut and color tomorrow and realized that it will be my first in about 4 months. (In a former life it was about every 6 weeks)

  • I don't wear spikey heels anymore and swore that would never happen (Flats are so much more comfortable--I hope they never go out of style)
  • I am finding myself more and more just wanting to pay someone to do something for me instead of doing it myself
  • 7am is the new 9am, and therefore 10pm is the new midnight
  • I used to love to throw a party/shower/gathering/whatever you want to call it but it has now lost its pizazz. Probably because I still average about one a month. Once we get through all the babies I figure I'll be done until my friends children start getting married so I need to still enjoy while it lasts. Then I will feel even older.

  • Hubs and I went to a concert a few weekends ago to celebrate our anniversary and we actually got to sit for at least 1/2 of the concert.....and I was happy about it. Thank you Michael Bluble.

Here's to growing old...or getting older at least!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Better Late than Never

May was a really busy month for us. Just because I didnt blog does not mean we didn't have a lot going on. We took numerous trips, and have experienced numerous firsts. One occasion I have been meaning to post was "babies first haircut."

Thanks (or unthanks) to some friends of ours who made such fun of our children's "comb overs" I succuomed to peer pressure and we went in for the first cuts. Boy, could you could see us coming. We had video camera and regular camera in hand.... and since we have twins we had another child in hand too. The pictures dont really do it justice.

Spence was cool as a cucumber. Truth be told I think he was bribed by the animal crackers.

As soon as Will sat down for his trim the water works began. Even though Will is smaller and generally enjoys food more the crackers didn't help. We resored to "old faithful", our passy. I am sure some day down the road I am going to be blogging about the passy departure. I am already dreadding that one.
We haven't watched the video yet. I am sure it will come in handy for those rehearsal dinners down the road or first date's.

I still am a little remoreseful that their baby curls are gone, even though I told the girl not to cut them. She just wanted to "trim them". They haven't been the same curl since.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

......papa, papa, paparazzi.

Can you tell we have a new camera in the house? It's got the infamous Lady Gaga song running through my head. Don't worry, I am not breaking out the leotards just yet......

Sunday along with about 100 other things we fit into this weekend, we went on our first trek of "Babypalooza 2010" to visit sweet baby Maria. She is very precious and sure to be one of the ladies Will and Spence will fight over very soon.

While I was visiting with Maria's mom, the hubs and the kiddo's went on their own adventure. When they came to pick me up I was so happy that they surprised me with an early mothers day gift! Whoo hoo for no more pictures of back of kids heads by the time the flash goes off.

Anyway, as I said in my earlier post our early morning route is always changing, so yesterday hub's thought it would be good to throw in a photo shoot as well. Spence (pictured here) obviously is my morning child, and is hamming it up. Will wasn't up to having any of it, and requested the after lunch shoot. I think he may still be in negotiations with his agent. I'll try to post pictures of him soon!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

These Shoes are Made for Walking....

Mornings are a little crazy in the Jaillette house. For those without kids mornings are lazy times spent catching up on the news(former today show regular) , enjoying a cup of coffee(or preferred caffeine, in my case diet coke) and making yourself look presentable for the day(my max spent getting me ready now is probably 15 minutes). We have had kids for over 14 months now and I feel like we are still perfecting our morning routine....some mornings are easier than others. The kids for a brief time slept until almost 7:30am. That was bliss, but now wake up time is 6:45am on the dot. Like their momma they have an "internal clock"(that term is solely for hubby).

We are having a lot of firsts lately and this morning was one of them. It is kind of bitter sweet. My children aren't considered infants anymore. When we woke this morning instead of the normal carry from crib to highchair (simultaneously of course for my morning arm workout) for breakfast both boys walked from the nursery into the kitchen. It seems just like yesterday that they got their first pair of "big boy" shoes. Hard to believe this was already two months ago. I know it seems small but this is a really big deal in my book.

They have been walking for a good while now but never as independent as this morning. As if this fete were not enough, after breakfast as I was changing Will's diaper and I asked Spence to go bring me his shoes, and he brought me all 4. This fetching thing might come in handy! I am pretty sure we are right on the brink of a few other breakthroughs so when those emerge then I will be happy to post those developments as well.

It really just seeems like we brought our babies home from the hospital a couple of months ago. I know numerous people who have had babies over the past week. To them(who am I kidding, they don't have time to read this yet)I encourage you to enjoy every stage..... even the less enjoyable elements you will look back and somewhat miss since that bridges you to the next fun stage. It really does change your life forever. "Babypalooza" as I have deemed it began last week and continues until October. It seems just about everyone I know is having a baby. Dont worry we are not adding the 5th to our household just yet. Only Zoey qualifies.


Monday, April 26, 2010

My Own Personal Comedian

Attached is a picture of my husband and me pre-kids. We look very well rested and put together, right?!
I love my husband and he is a GREAT father. Sometimes I do question methods of parenting though as he often does for me too. For example, when he was trying to entertain our children today at the doctors office he thought it would be funny to see if he could get Will to "chase" him. I feel that this is how you become those annoying parents in a waiting room. Even though they don't run right now, soon they will, and do we really want two kids running through a room full of sick, snotty kids being the worst in the crowd?! Not mine.
Yesterday was a trying day for us. Our kids are pretty crabby.....and then on top of that we had a crabby night. Ugh. Its one thing to not get sleep with a newborn, but when you get used to having sleep again and then it is taken away it is not a good thing. I was hoping for some great diagnosis that the doctor could solve right up. No takers. Apparently they are just crabby from head colds and having difficulty breathing. Back to baby boot camp tonight!
My hubby (picture above) is really witty. More than me. He has pretty good comedic timing, is relativity humorous and sometimes I get a little bitter. For example, I have wanted to have a blog for about a year now, and since I had a lot going on I made the suggestion that maybe he should do it since he was an overall more entertaining person. While pregnant, he sent out pregnancy updates to friends and family and did an awesome job. Would this really be much different?! To make a long story short I finally decided to bite the bullet and do it myself. What does he send to me less than 10 minutes later? It's not that I was unhappy that he created a blog, it's that it is better than mine(concept wise)! I love THS's and this is exactly what I had been asking for for a year! I have had a weekend to get over it so I am wishing him well in what ever he likes to post.
Love you dear!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Oh Boy, here we go!

I am not sure if you can search the history of a blog. If so you would see that my blog was started in February 2009. Most of those reading this would guess what also happened in that same month. I was blessed with the birth of my two twin sons.

I like to think in my own imaginary world that nothing can stop me, but after February 12, 2009. I have A LOT less free time. Hence no blog entries until today. I sometimes imagine what I did with all my free time. Things I know I used to do for example:
1. Run into a store to look not to buy
2. Talk to those I see that I know
3. Buy as much that would fit into my buggy

This is now how that 1-3 senario goes
1. I only go to a store to buy items I know of in advance. We dont run into a store. We park. Get out the stroller. Put the kids in said stroller. Make sure we have diapers, snacks, and anything else that might be needed during our 20 minute trip.
2. Talk to everyone we see because with twins almost everyone wants to talk to you. "Twins!", "Double Trouble!", "You've got your hands full!", "They look just alike!" Those are the top comments we get.
3. I dont get a buggy anymore because the only store that I know of that has double seats standard for all buggys is Sams. Therefore I live in constant fear that some store manager is going to accuse me of shoplifiting because everything I buy has to fit under the kids seats.

I love my chidren, but I realize I have become one of those people that talks alot about them so much I try to be concious of it when taking to my friends that dont have kids yet. Childless people rarely care about what the boys "new thing" is. So why not blog about it? I have such a lack of free time I figured why not add something else to this mix! I am bad about updating family and friends so maybe this will make my life easier in the long run. Enjoy.